Catalog of restaurants

Plaza Garden café
average check 1000-1200 rubles
​Ideal for a business meeting or negotiations, and for a romantic dinner. In addition to the original snacks and modern European dishes
Working hours: from 10:00 to 23:00
Capacity: 96
Bio-Café Zucchini
average check 700-1 500 rubles
​The concept of the cuisine is a combination of Italian classics and the author's approach
Working hours: from 8.00 to19.00
Capacity: 50
Aparthotel Mezhdunarodnaya
In the menu - a collection of chilled premium steaks from meat and fish, seafood, special burgers, seasonal side dishes and 100% natural sauces. Almost every dish contains products or components cooked on a lava grill, which is given the main place in the open kitchen of the restaurant. The use of lava grill allows you to cook juicy dishes without the addition of oil with a unique rich flavor and smoky aroma. The technology of cooking on volcanic stones will be appreciated in the first place by those who monitor their health and prefer to combine the benefits of food with aesthetic pleasure.