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Summer Terrace
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​The summer terrace in the World Trade Center is a cozy and comfortable summer restaurant for relaxing with magnificent views of the picturesque embankment of the Moscow River
Working hours: from 12.00 to 22.00
Capacity: 68
Aparthotel Mezhdunarodnaya
WTC Summer Terrace – is a lounge restaurant, where you will find an atmosphere of calm and relaxation away from the noise of the metropolis.
The restaurant menu is an exquisite mix of bright seasonal flavors with an emphasis on Spanish, Italian and Russian gastronomy. Separately, it is worth noting the author's selection of American dishes in the direction of "anti-fast food" from the chef of WTC Terrace, Alexander Novoselov. The bar list includes an attractive selection of 13 varieties of sparkling and summer wines from Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal, served in glasses at very affordable prices, wine cocktails, summer lemonades.
Here, in the lounge restaurant, away from the noise of the metropolis, it is so nice to relax and contemplate the beauty of the capital, enjoy the exquisite summer menu: light fusion dishes, refreshing cocktails based on wine and summer desserts in a pleasant warm atmosphere of peace and unsurpassed comfort.